How to Make a Website in 5 minutes | 3 Easy Steps

Yes, you read that right. It is possible to make a website in under 5 minutes. On top of that, you do not need any skill or prior knowledge about web development. The only condition is that you follow the process thoroughly. 

You might be wondering that it takes skilled developers hours to make a website. On the other hand, I am claiming to make it in under 5 minutes. The trick here is to work smart, not hard. 

The website that is built by this technique will be not only responsive but also will have a professional user interface. It will be compatible with any screen, be it desktop, mobile, tablet, or any other device. 

I will give you a basic idea through an example and then you can customize it according to your needs. 

How to make a website in 5 minutes?

Below are three simple steps that will give you the required output. 

Step no. 1: Initialize the website 

Before setting up, there are some websites that would play a critical role in the whole process. In this regard, the first website is “Tailwind CSS”. From here, we will copy CSS code to get the codes to set up our website. 

The first step would be to open the visual studio code in a folder to start the website development. From there, we will debug, run tasks, and control versions of our website. 


Once it is open, make a file in it called index. html. The first thing to do there would be to enter Emmet Abbreviation. It will be suggested to you or you can even copy-paste it from the internet. This is a boilerplate of HTML to develop cross-browser compatibility. After that :

  • Go to the Tailwind website and click on Get started.
  • From the side menu, click on installation.
  • Go all the way down to “ Using Tailwind via CDN.
  • Copy the code from there and paste it under the boilerplate code. This code will mean that you have built the configure page of your website. 

Step no. 2: Setting up the layout

After putting the foundation block of the website, it is time to define how it would look like. 

You can use the layouts given on the Tailwind. However, to make the process more quick, I will recommend you to access “Tailblocks”. This is another website that will play a crucial part in your website development. Here, we will find templates for the layout of the whole website. 

When you will open the website the first thing you will see is this interface :


You can explore the whole site and will find templates for many things. First thing first, you will need a header on your website. Go to the header section in the side menu and select your favorite layout for the header. After that, click on the view code and copy the code to the clipboard. Then, paste the code into your VS software. 

To see the live output of your codes and changes it does to your website, press right click and click on \’\’ open with the live server”. This is an extension that you can download on your VS software.

Once you are done with that, you will see the same template that you had selected on your website. 

Similarly, you can do the same thing with the footer, contact information, pricing, testimonials, and other relevant layouts. 

Last but not least, replace the mock words with your relevant information to customize the website according to your needs.  

You can also insert HRF in your VS code on certain headings like contact, get started, or Enroll now. It will create a backlink and will redirect the users to another page that you want them to go to. 

Below is an example of how your VS interface will look like after all that. 


Step no. 3: Inserting images

Every website needs a home page. For that reason, you can explore the Tail Blocks templates and you will find the Hero section in the side menu.

Select a template according to your taste that can be on the front page when someone opens your website. When you will be selecting the template your screen will look like this: 


You know the drill, just copy the code and paste it in the VS to see it on your website. Another significant website that will rescue is “Unsplash source”. From there, you will find code for any picture for your website. 


You can search pictures according to your desired size. However, if you do not find your desired size, you can enter the code in the search engine and replace the size in the code with the desired one. 

On the other hand, you can also write your desired theme of images at the end of the code.

For example, above, the code has a default theme of nature, water. This means that every time you refresh your website a random image will appear based on nature, water. You can change it to the theme which suits your website.


I just gave you an overview of how things are done. Rest is the creativity that will allow you to make a perfect website for yourself. Bear in mind that this is not a tutorial to teach you concepts of web development. Rather, this is a technique that you can use in desperate times. 

The disclaimer here is that this technique will not make you an expert on web development. Doing copy-paste can never be a replacement for a full-fledged skill. 

To master this skill of web development, people spend years learning and experimenting. However, it can be a force multiplier or additional skill to your resume. 

To do more on the website like changing colors or other things, you will have to have web development knowledge. 

Apart from that, if someone wants a basic website at the last minute and is willing to pay any amount, why not. This technique will come to your rescue. 

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