Email Marketing Best Practices 2019

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Speaking of email marketing best practices, we heavily rely on our own experience. Here, we will talk about the tips and strategies that we have tested on our self-managed, money-making dropshipping stores!


Emails are one of the most powerful ways to connect with our buyers. If we make them interesting or eye catching, people open them and go to our website. In other case, people just delete an email and label it as spam.

Best Practices of Email Marketing For 2019

Write a killer email subject line

If you’re wondering how to do email marketing right, above all you need to focus on a subject line. In fact, a subject line is the most important part of your email marketing strategy because it determines whether your email will be opened or not.

Don’t write the subject line in ALL CAPS

When you write your subject line in all capital letters, it looks as if you’re yelling at your subscribers. People will definitely notice your subject line, but will they open your email? I doubt it. These headlines look spammy and the anti-spam filter will probably block them.

According to statistics, more than 85% of respondents prefer headers, which are written in small letters and doesn’t have lots of exclamation points. However, if you write only some words in all caps, it won’t be annoying for people.

Choose the right and actionable words

A great email should have a very clear structure. In other case, it will be very difficult to appeal to your readers’ emotions and make them take an action.

Here is what you should focus on when writing your email:

  • Don’t write too many words! Think about the message you want to deliver to your customers very carefully (promo codes, special discounts, etc.).
  • Write in the second person (red stripes) and personalize if it’s possible. It means you should use the words “you, your, yours” and try to address to your customers by name. So your copy will be oriented towards the reader.
  • Use actionable language (green stripes). A good email must have calls to action that will encourage your subscribers to go to your website.

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