New SEO Trend

SEO services in Pakistan

SEO is changing day by day and each business can survive only when they update their digital marketing strategy as per new trends. Content is getting more importance day by day in google algorithms.

You always need regular contnet for your site to keep your audience engage and attracting new visitors. But the problem is what you are going to write about? And will that topic/title rank higher organically in search engine result page? Because you have to find high search volume but low competitive keywords for your website posts and pages.This is where we come to help you in your SEO campaign.

We will search and research with a topic that people usually search to find your business. We will provide you such an engaging title which people search online that means there is already a trend of such articles with high demand.  It means seo difficulty score will be low. That’s why  you have more chance to rank higher in google search result page organically for that content.

or sure some keywords cant be yours , and for sure u dont have any chance to increase position of your website for more keywords.
But the good news … exists long tail keywords.
In this years people wont search one single word right ? Already they write phrases For example a person who is looking for Content marketing services will most probably type words:

i) Content marketer online.
ii) Professional  content marketing services.
iii) content marketign strategy.

on Google and then will click few websites that came on first page:

I have typed “content marketing professional for my website” and you will notice following google suggestions that people are looking for and you will also find at the bottom of the page “related search queries” for our keyword.

Keywords phrase example
This is where you make your SEO content strategy and write content so that your website get ranking on search engines. IF your website get ranked on first page then people will contact you and will become your lead and ultimately your customer if you provide them with the service they are looking for.

Our SEO Services will help you in making trends that include:

 Your niche based powerful blog topics/ content title list.
 You will get longtail + less competitive + high demand keywords.
 All data will be collected in groups where each group will consist of Topic of an article+keywords+longtails.
Our personal recommendations how to use those data to rank higher in google search result page. You can use our recommendations and write content at your own if you are well expereinced in writing content.