Website Ranking for Legal and Financial Consultants

Website Ranking Consultants

If you are a consultant either in legal or financial field and have physical office as well then you must explore online world as well.If you don’t have physical office in some big city then your online presence can fill the gap.In Pakistan, most of the lawyers have no online presence which is a big Gap for any person. If you are from some remote area of Pakistan then you can fill the gap through making your online presence.The process is very simple and you just need a website and then market it into the online world through offering your services. Remember only having a website can’t serve the purpose but you have to do it’s optimization so search engine can rank your website for the people who are looking for your services.For example if you are a legal or financial consultant then you must know what questions your potential customers might look for on search engines.

For Example a person who is looking for Legal consultancy, he might type following Queries on their mobile or computer search bar.

You can see that while you start typing Criminal lawyer you will get google suggestions to help user quickly find the service they are looking for. I was in Islamabad so that’s why i am getting first suggestion as “criminal lawyer in Islamabad” but your visitor will see the first suggestion where he is located like if he is form Lahore then he will see first suggestion as “Criminal lawyer in Lahore”.This means that google will show prefer to show results from most near lawyer or consultant who is also physically near and have online presence as well. This is the Gap which you can cover by offering legal services or optimizing your website in the way that any person who search for legal service can see your website. Remember here your target is to people not only visit your website but they should also call you fro consultation.

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Here comes an SEO expert who make your website User friendly which google will love to rank. You can offer any   consulting services through your website. Some of the renowned consulting business in Pakistan are:

Legal Consultants

Criminal lawyer,Civil lawyer,Corporate lawyer and Family Lawyer all belongs to the above category and have potential to reach the audience online.

Financial Consultants:

Tax issues or financial consultation comes to this domain.If you are successful business man then you can even start consultation as a business for the investors.The best ways is to have a website and write content where you answer general business questions and add your phone number or address to get them specif guidance on their business. Here you can charge fee as well.

Health Consultation:

Doctors,physicians,psychologists can monetize their knowledge to earn money by offering health consultation online.For example you can answer general questions about health and if someone ask for specific health consultation then your website must have the feature to fill the form or contact number where you can answer them and charge fee.

These are some basic ideas for you to start your knowledge to make money.If you are a consultant and have no online presence then we can help you make your presence online by offering complete solution to transform your idea into online business.