Website Technical Analysis and Audit

Website SEO analysis

In Pakistan, only making a website will make your business online and will grow. Unfortunately, this is not true and if your website is not attracting,engaging and attracting your visitors into customers then it’s useless to have a website. Your web developer job is to make your website well designed where it’s easy to find the information your visitor are looking for.

If your website is already developed and ready then you have to use the following steps to attract visitors.

  • Website Submission to index on Search engines:

Your first job is to submit your website through search console and webmaster tools to google and other search engines. Google bots will crawl your website within days and if it’s upto their minimum standard then google will first index your website and then it will start ranking your website pages.

Here  is the complete Goolge official guide on how to get your website on google.

Want to check if your website  is listed in Google? Just type your website on Google search engine  with “” For example, here’s what is displayed in Google when i type my website you will notice that my web url are indexed and below my website images are also indexed by google.webpages indexed by google

Don’t worry if you have a new website and it’s not indexed on google as it can take few weeks to get indexed on search engines. If your website is more than two months old and still not indexed then you should take above actions to get it indexed or ask us to  check your website if it’s indexed or not.

  • Website Ranking for your business queries and keywords

After submitting your website on search engine for indexation, google will crawl your website and will start ranking your website according to your location and website content quality.There are almost more than 100 factors that contribute towards ranking. Here is the original competition starts where billions and millions of websites compete for search keywords. Still you can fill the gap because if you are from Lahore then your local people will see your website on top and not the website whose base is USA.

How SEO Expert Help can convert your website visitors into leads and sales?

Here comes the job of Digital marketer who can help you get your website analyse and check if it’s indexed or not. If it’s indexed and you are not getting sales then it means your website is attracting wrong audience.To get this resolved you can always ask your SEO consultant to audit your website and fix your website to get visitors who take interest in your business services to buy or hire your services.

Want to get Transform your website into an online shop? Do you want your visitors to buy your products or hire your services? Get Free consultation from Professional Digital Marketing Team.