How digital marketing can help grow the services sector in Pakistan

The progression of digital marketing can be assessed by a report of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) of 2016, which highlights the $ 72.5 billion revenues from electronic media only. Although, the entry of digital marketing in Pakistan is a bit late, it is recording a massive upsurge in delivering better service to the clients. More importantly, the recent positive picture for the upcoming future in this sector shows that there is a $600 plus market is waiting up till 2020 to offer itself to use.

There are many dimensions in which the digital marketing can help in the growth of the service sector in Pakistan, one of the major aspects is the use of high speed internet facilities that made the online connectivity so much easy that anyone can make online orders that increased market trends and transformed the opinion of the customer regarding the services. For example, the launch of Uber and Careem in the big cities of Pakistan has orchestrated transportation a new facet and created a competition within the Uber and Careem to provide better service.

Secondly, the already escalated usage of social media also played a tremendous role in establishing digital marketing that reciprocates the growth in the services sector. It needs to be improved in order to get more trust from the masses. For example, the introduction of and the sites like this can help to reduce the burden of searching and hunting for jobs in the youth. Moreover, the social media can be used to provide the facility of online jobs to the intellectuals of the society of Pakistan.

Thirdly, providing less costly equipment of Information technology like smartphones along with better internet packages by the mobile companies will also help in increase mobility of bank transfers, cash on delivery (COD) and branchless banking i.e. the inception of mobicash, easy paisa account and Inter-Bank Transfer of Funds (IBTF) have already made the online purchase service absolutely easy.

From the above, it can be concluded that the market and timing are ripe for services sector of Pakistan to take help from the already penetrated digital market, regardless of few hitches and glitches, additionally, the industry is very much geared up to incept the massive waves in the country, with gigantic scope for improvement and innovation as well as exponential long term collaboration with the services sector.