How Right Digital Marketing Plan can give your Business Real Success?

In Pakistan Digital Marketing is new phenomena where businesses are trying hard to excel in their marketing campaigns. Digital Marketing Plan may be successful if you truly utilize the digital marketing channels. Only TV and Radio ads can\’t serve the purpose until you utilize the Digital marketing channels. Digital Marketing Plan is the only way where you can compete well and can surpass your competitors.In simple words, Getting your online website ranked on Search engines and Social media is the backbone of your overall Marketing Strategy.

YouTube is the best choice for small Brands and individuals to show their presence. You can make 5 to 10 minutes animation video to get views and subscribers for your product and services. These viewers and subscribers may become your customers in a first instance or after few days or weeks. If you want your brand to get success earlier then you have to inform and guide your viewers and give them a specific reason to buy form you.Don\’t over expect because viewers on YoutTube are too smart and your competitors are just click away from your viewers.So it\’s very important o give them a different experience and unique reason to buy your product or service.

Here is an example of one small YouTube videos on Dress selection which has 750000 Plus views in just 6 months and almost 500 plus sales and still the sales are growing.

Watch this Video here and check what difference you can make in the same way.

Do you know how much this video cost made by us? we made this video just for 8000 Rs ($80) and you can check the results.One dress profit was around 500 to 700 rupees and if 500 dress are sold then it will be (500×500=250000) profit at least from one video.If i also add the marketing price then the total price of video plus marketing was around 25000 Rs which turn into 250000 profit only.

Do you want to make a same video? we can make similar high quality videos for you and can market it for you once you share your unique business idea with us.

Facebook is another Digital Marketing platform where Pakistani and Indian brands or individual businesses can grown effectively.Your first motive should be to inform and guide your audience of your product or service and it must answer \”why\” specifically to keep them engaged and interested.Always give them benefits of buying from you.For example,if you are selling a Fashion dress then guide them why your Brand Dress is the best choice for them? You can tell them that your dress design is unique in color and many other features.Also specify those features in your video and in your content.

Remember, only making videos is not enough but it also has to be marketed across different social media platforms. Once it start growing and getting results then it would bring lifetime visitors and customers.

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