How SEO can help grow your Law Firm with Actionable Tips

While you can opt for PPC as a quick method to get leads but SEO is so powerful and successful strategy that once you apply SEO techniques then you will never go for other options. SEO is a long term and sustainable strategy that takes time to get your page rank on first page for legal terms but it give you long term results.
If you are a lawyer and still not getting clients through your website, then you are doing only one thing wrong!!!
I’ll prove it to you!
Yes! Many things matter while client acquisition!
Such as:

  • Your educational background
  • Your specialization
  • Your experience in the field
  • How your website sells yourself?

And many more!
The most crucial thing is one for your success!
Are you in front of your potential clients?
In general, you may opt for different strategies such as:

  • Advertising in newspapers
  • Spreading business cards to everyone
  • Talking to other law firms
  • Building a website

You did everything correctly, but missed one necessary step!
You may have got some business but not a huge success!
Still, you want more and more clients!
But there is one problem!
No one is visiting your website.
Especially those people who need you the most in their legal troubles.
So, do you want to reach those people who need you the most?
I bet your answer is “Yes.”
You need to do SEO for your website.
Due to our experience in making websites for lawyers, we also know one success tip for you that is also crucial, along with SEO.
The thing is: people are hesitant before hiring a lawyer because of their situation.
No one wants legal help under normal circumstances.
However, people always want the best legal person who can solve their problem.
That’s why if you do not have a free consultation offer on your website, then you are minimizing your chances of success.
In fact, if you add a free consultancy page on your website, then people will always ask for your help.
So, by providing free advice, you will offer a value.
In return, people will hire you.
Therefore, it should be your first priority to add a free consultation page on your website.
If you cannot, then we are here to help you.
Let’s go back to SEO!
Now, it seems strange to you hearing the word “SEO” for the first time.
But believe me, it is the lifeline of every online business. That’s how every business gets its potential customers. 
Without SEO, no online business can become successful.

So, I know you are asking yourself “What the heck is SEO, and how it can help you?”

SEO Process for law firms

It’s a complicated thing but I’ll explain to you in layman words. So, do not skip anything. SEO can turn your business from down to up.

SEO stands from search engine optimization. It is a set of techniques that help your website to appear in search engine results.

To understand completely, you must understand people’s behavior on the internet.

Let me tell you how people search for things on the internet. For example, a person needs to find a pizza parlor around him/her. Then, he/she will go to Google or any search engine and type “pizza parlor near me,” and hit the search button.

What happens next?
The search engine will show all results near his/her location.
How did the search engine know those pizza parlors and their websites?
Tough question, isn’t it?
The simple answer to that is pizza parlors did SEO on their websites. So, they can tell search engines to show their business to people searching for it.
Similarly, you can also tell the search engine to show you in search results!
We can help you with this matter perfectly.
You also need to understand about keywords.
In fact, keywords are phrases typed by people in search results.
If you are a criminal lawyer, then possible keywords for you are below.

Best criminal lawyer in (city)
Criminal lawyer in (city)
Criminal case consultation in (city)

We can find you right keywords for your law practice. These will be actual phrases typed by people in search engines.
Now, keywords are not enough for showing up in search results.
You have to optimize keywords in your website content.
We can also help you in this matter.
When keywords are optimized in your website, then search engine knows your business and puts you in front of people searching for it.
People visit your website and contact you after reading your website content.
Let me put it in another way!
If 100 persons are searching for a lawyer in a month on the internet and your website comes in their search results, then with a 20% contact ratio, you have 20 possible clients.
After that, you can convert them into your clients with your qualification, experience, and persuasion skills.
Do you want such an abundance of business for your law practice?
You direly need SEO for your website.
Still not convinced!!!
Let me tell you how we will do it.
Let’s suppose you are a family lawyer and work in a metropolitan city and hire us for your SEO.
So, we will start by keyword research.
e will search all phrases typed by people in the matter of family law. Below here is our previous search for a client. 

Family lawyer in (city)
Best family lawyer in (city)
Family law consultation in (city)
Divorce consultation in (city)
Child custody consultation in (city)
Alimony consultation in (city)

I think you got the idea about keywords.

After keyword research, we will optimize those keywords on your website. It will be a complex process.
e have to put keywords in your pages, meta descriptions, titles, and many more.
Even, we have to create new content on your website. So, you can appear in search results.
We will optimize your website for search engines for your city.

So, every person searching for a family lawyer in your city will see your website and ultimately contacts you.

If you are looking to get a competitive advantage, to get your law firm\’s website to the first page of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing search results, then look no further.

Do, you want people to contact you for a consultation?

I bet you do.


You need to do SEO for your website as your first preference.

Let me summarize what you will get from us!

  • Right keywords for your law practice.
  • Optimization of keywords on your website.
  • SEO content for your website.
  • Guaranteed ranking in the search engine result page.


Do you want keywords typed by actual people on your website?
Do you want people to find you in a minimum time?
Do you want top ranking in search results?
All that can come true if your website has proper SEO!
Our SEO experts have brought business for many lawyers out of nowhere.
We have brought many websites into top rankings in a matter of days.
If your website is present in the top 5 search results, then how much business can you get.
I bet you’ll never need any newspaper ad or networking for getting new clients.
Call us!!!
We will examine your website, find its weaknesses, and provide you with a successful solution. Also, we will implement it.

Your website will appear in search results in a week after SEO.
Do not waste your time!!!
Choose the best practical solution for getting clients.
It’s simple.
Just call us.
We are always ready to bring websites at the top of search results.
Your success is just one call away.
Call us!!!

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