Get Auto updating News Website in English/Urdu

Journalism is one of the oldest professions in the world. If you are a beginner & fresh Journalist or a news reporter, who just got graduated, you would love this profession. Now if you are a job seeker, or wanted to get an excellent opportunity in a media house, but you don’t have a testimonial, this is going to be hard for you.

Even if you found one, you will be facing a strict routine, distant travel, an awful community, rude & challenging tasks, cruel management, low pay rate & quite longer workdays without taking care of your family, & a lot of other issues are waiting for you as well. We know that you can manage all these hurdles somehow, but surviving on low to medium pay is quite difficult nowadays.

Instead of working for a tricky media house, which has a lot of problems you can work as an individual journalist or can start your own micro news agency, but it takes some effort, capital & dedication no doubt.

We have a better plan for you!

Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of your cash on building your studio, purchasing gear & equipment for recording & hiring professional co-workers, you can start & launch your 100% News Automated Website, within just a couple of thousands to completely set it up. After proper SEO, we will make your automatic news blog profitable. Sit back & keep counting your money.

People love to read the news, listen to interviews, all around the world, to keep themselves updated every time. In this digital era, technology has an edge on all the things & on the News as well.

More than half of people prefer to read news online because this is a cost-effective & smart option with little to no cost. They can get real-time updates, read historical news, plus they could help you build your own audience just like other influencers or even more.

We help Journalists & News Reporters, to launch their Auto News Blog & to earn money from their blog. You can start your own news website, right now! That\’s even fully automatic. So, you don’t need to worry about updating it every single time, whenever the news rolls out, even if you don’t have any knowledge of such things. We will help you set up & build your automatic & self-updated news website from scratch.

Your Automatic News Website will have:

  • Get Unlimited News automatically
  • Customizable & Unique News every day
  • Plagiarism & Non-Copyrighted Content
  • Add Videos from multiple sources
  • Mobile-Friendly & responsive website
  • Completely 100% Automatic website
  • No need to update/publish news yourself
  • Complete SEO to rank higher on Google
  • Social Sharing & Social Media Presence
  • User-friendly & attractive website theme
  • Use ads & Affiliate product to make profits
  • Installation of premium plugins & widgets
  • Completely Secure Website with SSL
  • 24/7 Customers & Technical Support
  • 01 Year Domain & Fastest Website Hosting
  • Professional Email Account for your website
  • Access to Backend through WordPress CMS

The whole setup will cost you PKR 30,000 to 1,20,000 ($200 to $750) depending upon your requirements. We also offer impressive discounts & bonuses to our new & honest customers. You can check our successful & profitable news websites here.

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