Digital Marketing Solution for Real Estate Businesses in Pakistan

Digital marketing for real estate businesses

Real estate buyers act differently while they are ready to invest or buy any property in Pakistan. They buyer who come online will be well educated and aware of all basics and with little guidance he or she can ready to invest in Real estate opportunities. IF you think your business can help those investors then never miss the opportunity and offer your services to those looking for the solution.There are many Pakistanis abroad who look for the Shops,plots,apartments or any commercial unit for their investment in Pakistan. If they are guided in the right way then chances are there that they can be your investors if you really meet their genuine needs and bring profits to them. Following are some long term and short term methods to get the leads that can convert into business investments.

Long Term Solution for Property Dealers and

As a long term solution,we can make a website with lead collection options where our targeted audience will fill the information as per his requirements.Our priority will be those  local and foreign Pakistanis who want to buy property in Islamabad,Rawalpindi, Murree.We will optimize our website for the following main and related keywords that people type on Goolge Search bar:

  • Plots in Islamabad.
  • Plots on easy installments.
  • Shops on easy installments.
  • Shops on installments.
  • Flat on installment
  • Apartments on Installment in “city name”
  • Where i should invest my money in Pakistan
  • Is Islamabad safe for property investments 
  • Legal issues i should check before investment in Land,plot
  • 5 Marla house price in CDA sectors.
  • 10 Marla house prices.
  • House on easy installments 
  • Ready for possession house in Islamabad
  • Commercial shops in Islamabad
  • Commercial plots on easy installments

………..and so on.
The above are the search terms which people mostly use while searching property in Islamabad and Pakistan. For the above terms people mostly get olx ads, ads etc but they are there because there is no other reliable and authentic website that is providing useful information to the people especially outside Pakistan. If we give real and genuine reasons for their investment impartially then we have the maximum chances to win their trust.Now, website will give enough reasons for the people to leave their information and call you. Here is the website job Now the real success will be upon you if people call you or contact you and you provide them the solutions. I will here suggest you to read google official guidelines so you can make real expectations instead of leading yourself to the wrong direction.This Google SEO guide will be helpful to make your overall strategy.

Now Following is the main question which i think may arise in your mind which i want to answer to the best of my knowledge.

How we can compete as  a small company and website than or OLX who already have large presence in Pakistan? 

Goolge is very helpful platform in this case. Google want helpful and reliable content for their users and their search algorithm never change the position for large companies. IF you are providing genuine and impartial solutions with safe investment solution,then google will consider your website as a top ranking. Most foreign People knows that if the website is on the top then it is legit website and have real solution otherwise google would never rank such websites. Goolge have 1000’s of methods to test the reliability of the businesses and website.
You can even test this at your own  by typing few search terms from the above in google bar and see which websites are coming on the first page.This will ultimately answer your query.

How long will it take to get Leads in the form of Calls or Form filling?

It may take 3 months to one year as per my estimate.It takes time because new website indexing starts from crawling of the website and then indexing of the website. After indexing there comes the stage of ranking of the website for the search terms above.There are billions of websites made daily but only few thousands are ranked base don some quality standards that include user friendly experience,speed of the website,mobile friendliness of the website are the few main factors that ensure ranking.In Pakistan, 98% almost are not ranked because of poor quality optimization. Remember website design is not the only factor.There are many other factors that google will consider while ranking.

Short Term Solution:

Social Media marketing:

Facebook and Adwords:

Social media marketing for new companies are useful if you have good budget. Most Facebook ads and Google adwords are the quick solution. On Facebook there are the options where you choose audience with specific interests like businessmen,expats,property and also target age and country or even cities.  You must have debit or credit card to use as a billing method for this.You can make per day or per month budget like $10 to onward any amount. The best way is first you start from low weekly budget and add your phone number as a contact method so people interested can call you to show their interest and you deal them.

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