How to Transform your business into digital?

Modern Century is known as the Century of Science and Technology. In the modern century Digitalization has emerged as one of the most important, effective and powerful management slogans across the globe. It is nowadays most hottest topic in the area of research in Politics, administration, Management and Information Technology.  Most universities of the world are engaged in research on digitalization, its socio-political impacts and different aspects. The utility of modern day technology for the modification of old practices in the management to a new dynamic and contemporary management model and practices. It is a way to convert old management model into a new digital model of management. It is the use of digital technology in the field of management for creativeness, transparency, modernity, and enhance revenue generations. In simple words we can say that use of IT and technology in business is digitalization. It is also commonly known as “Digital Business”.  Digitalization can be define as the incorporation of digital technologies into daily life by the digitalization of everything that can be digitalize. The Literal meaning of digitalization gives a superficial idea of development and technology reliant on world. Digitalization can also be explain as migrating from analog to a modern technology. It is conversion from old methods and tools of the business into new methods and tools of technology.


Nowadays, digitalization is very common in every field of life. It is used in different arenas. Digitalization has changed the mode of business. It is user centric business activities. It is controlled and managed by the Users of the technology. Nowadays companies used technology for advancement, advertisement enhancement and effectiveness in both process and customers dealings.

Digitalization of the business activities has revolutionized the business process, customer’s dealings, feedback mechanisms, business values and revenue generation through using intensive tools of technologies. Digitalization is not the final phenomena. Revolutionary changes are continue in the technology. A Half century before, in the beginning of digitalization simply, Data has been processed and digitally exchanged. Then data was electronically exchanged. In 1990 the use of internet has been started in the Business and technology. In 2000 E-Commerce was introduced as an innovation in the field of Business and technology. Digitalization process was further improved with the application of mobile technology introduction in post 2000. Digitalization is not limited to IT only, nowadays it is practice in all walks of life. Recently in KP province of Pakistan, provincial government has introduced digitalization policy to provide better civics and other services through using modern technology. Online FIR, Online Admission in colleges, Online Result, Online Transfer of Provincial services, delivery of legal documents services, right to information, online employment for youth and other services are provided. Consequently, now digitalization affects all the departments. The most important feature of digitalization is the speed, that speech brought certain changes from production to customer’s deals and satisfactions.

DBT (Digital Business transformation) is a software, used as digital technologies in the organizations to improve performance. As we are living the era of technology, nowadays, any business can be easily minter through using technologies. By digitalization business, product or services values, prices and other related information can be easily controlled.

Currently, business leaders are interested to digitalize their business in order to change the climate of business. More than 50% business leaders have strategy to transfer their business digitally. 30 % business has been transformed digitally in the world and remaining 20% have lack of interest or have limited resources to transform their business. The transformation of the business has brought certain positive changes, which can be observed in the empowerment and capacity building of the employees. The customer’s participation and satisfaction level has been remarkably changed. The process of the production and services has been enhanced. The Business models has been transformed.

In the Modern days Mobile banking is growing day by day. In the near future mobile banking will be the primary banking channels worldwide.

What is Digital Transformation ?

It is the transformation process of digital technology into business to change a mode of business from traditional toward new digital mode of business. It change the delivery, operation and value process of the business. It also demand to change the organizational culture. As in the majority traditional organization, there is status quo of traditional structure of their organization to bring innovation, productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and objectivity. In modern time digital transformation of the business from traditional modes toward digital modes has become imperative to survive in the market. As world are becoming digitalize day by day and it will be difficult to survive in such environment with traditional approaches. It is the matter of business survival, in modern time it is difficult to survive business without digitalization. As business are not growing and evolving in the market so they will go through transformation phase that is digitalization.  Improving customers’ relations is the main task of every business organizations, in order to fulfill this task digital transformation is the need of hour. Digital transformation depends on the organization structure and demands, therefore, it is various from an organization to organizations. It also depends on the organizational challenges. Nowadays every an organization interested to generate revenue for their organization. For this purpose they are concentrated to improve business process. Digital business companies are developing innovate products to improve business in order to generate more revenue. Nowadays digitalization has become primary teamster of the business novelties. IT (Information Technology) playing important role in the digital transformation process. Digitalization pouring the world toward a new world order. The globe is transforming toward digitalization to bring transparency, meritocracy, fairness, quickness, The Digital banks are emerging while Physical banking, cheque and cash payment system will be disappeared from the world. Online transduction, mobile banking, and digital currency will be introduction. Digital marketing, E-Commerce, Online Business, E-ticketing, online or virtual teaching, online Doctors, Careem Taxi, Online ticketing, E-Visa and digital companies will be familiarized.

Digital is business and business is digital

Digital business is considered as business of everyone due to its nature. It is expected that in near future more than 7 billion peoples of the world will be connected with internet. By connecting through internet the peoples from different backgrounds, different areas, and different continents will grow a new world a digital world. They will communicate, discuss and will develop an ideas globally. Consequently, it will helps in the digital business. Digital business a new mode of business, doing advertisement, marketing and business online. Digital business is different from E-business, in terms of presence and integration of things connected and intelligent. There is no need to confused internet with digital business. Internet played an important role in the digital business but it is much different than internet. Digital business is a new way of design by muddling the physical and digital world. It is dialogs and interaction between things and business. In the digital business a person play a role of an agent for self. It is a way of business having opportunities. It is reality that digital business will affect all traditional business, their chief executives, and management, they should think to develop alternative strategies to help their business. Digital business is a new approach having massive opportunities. In this new world business model a successful business need a skillful and digital person to grow their business. The digital person will play a catalytic role in the digital business. In the new model of business, there is a digital strategy for implementation of digital strategy there is need of digital leaderships, to executive digital strategy, leadership skills, digital leadership skills and finance skills. Traditional business leadership do not responded to the challenges of digital business due to its nature and complexity. In the digital business those an organizations will be more successful who are more skilled technologically.

Project Manager as a digital Manager

World is going toward digitalization due to technological advancement. First a person manage the progress of the project by using pen, folders, file and papers, but nowadays the technological advancement has bring a lot of changes. More peoples are capable in modern time to manage projects due to their access to technology. Companies and organizations are selected most capable and talented peoples from across the globe to manage their projects.  Project manager is a person in any an organization who prepare and designs strategies, ensure to implement of the strategy on fixed time periods, keep check the progress of each and every movement of the project. Digital project manager is one of the most important position in the digital business. Due to growing of digitalization, the nature and demand of digital Manager is also growing day by day. In the digitalization, there is need of manager to manage digital projects. Digital project management is the same concept except digital project. Digital project is the project completed with digital components like, website, applications, online campaign, software, social media etc. The person who responsible for management of digital process is known as digital project manager. Digital project Manager is responsible for managing planning, execution and implementation of projects with digital mechanisms. He or She be analytical in to judge the amount of the data available within different digital platform and interpret the available date through advantageous way for their projects. Digital projects Manager is a person with strong observation skills because technology changing so fast therefore digital manager should keep update their self in emerging technologies and keep him advance with technological advancement.

Digital Transformation framework

The structure of Digitalization is five layers, these are as, Business model, business process, peoples and application system, data and information and technological infrastructure. Organizational business model is most important as it enable exploiting existing market potentials and seizing new opportunities. It is about customers need and satisfactions. Business process turn business model into reality. Business process cover entire ecosystem and network value of the organization. Business process can be define as the tasks to be achieve specific goals. Business process is nowadays performed by digitalization, first it was performed manually by employees. Peoples are employees who are working in the organizations their roles, responsibility and reporting their tasks. Digital organization required digitalized leadership to perform according to BPM (Business Process Management). Employee, machines and processing system create application system and data. With digitalization volume of the Data is growing. Structural data, Artificial intelligence are new advancement in the field of technology. For Digitalization each and every organization required technological infrastructure. It includes both traditional components and novels components. Traditional components includes; computers, tablets, network, etc. while in Novels components includes; smarts meters, smarts girds, autonomous cars and clouds infrastructures.

Digital transformation process

The main aim of the digital transformation process is to increase the speed of the services and bring efficiency in their organizations. It focused on the improvement of Customers experience about their organization services and products. It provides access to customers for rapid and steadfast informations.


Scandinavia Digital Transformation as a best Example for Pakistan

Scandinavia is a northern region of the Europe. It covered three states, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. These three Countries share common history, religion, language Politics and Social welfare programme known as “The Scandinavian workplace model”. They are well known for their distinct management concept, which distinguished them from the rest of the world. Their leaders play a role of coach rather than commanders. The Scandinavian society digitalization is implemented to provide effective and better services to their customers and to grow their business. Scandinavian model of digitalization is very successful and effective in the world. There are two reasons of their successful model, one is their Transformation initiatives and second their working or leadership culture. These two characteristics made Scandinavian model of digital transformation unique and successful. They have taken the initiative of Society digitalization. Digitalization or digital transformation has brought profound changes in the structure of business. Public sectors provide all services through using new technology, E-Services, provides all services and documents to the citizen online due to their services they are commonly known as E-Government. Denmark in 2011 established Digitalization agency to quickness the process of digitalization in order to make Denmark welfare state. Digitalization is happening with high speed in Sweden. Digitalization in the business has brought certain benefits. SAS, Scandinavian Airline Services was in crisis. SAS was founded in 1946 by three Scandinavian states. After European Airline in 2002, SAS faced economic crisis. In November, 2012 new CIO Mr. Aanby was appointed to bring reforms in the business of Airline service. His main target was to digitalize SAS system in order to bring affectivity, transparency and clarity. In December, 2012 Banks granted cash for SAS. He reduced IT costs by 50% without affecting Airlines operations. His main aim was to change business of SAS by digitalization to reduce cost and provide better services to their customers. In the periods of 4 years, SAS was digital transformed.

Norway, a Scandinavian state focused on digital transformation public sector for better public services and delivery. Norway is one of the successful country in regard to digital transformation in the several sectors of the society. There are three factors due to which digitalization of the public services has been successful in Norway. 1) Priority of the Norwegian government to digitalized all public services to make all services accessible to public. 2) Legislation to implement digital policies for the benefits of the public. 3) Coordination among department to ensure proper functioning and smooth working of digitalization tools for this purpose committees and councils has been setup. Since 1990 Norwegian government seriously interested to implement ICT policies and digitalization of all sectors to integrate public sectors reforms. The Norwegian government has taken considerable steps to ensure digitalization of the society to benefit their public. Their efforts are visible in certain sectors to their public, mostly the digital services delivery to Public. This service has facilities the public to get services at their door steps through online services. Digitalization in Public sectors has also bring positive result in improving the process. The Government departments working environment has been improved, enhanced and now it is more standardized and transparent. It develop the government department infrastructures and capacity building.

Due to the Norwegian Government efforts, digitalization of the departments and well established long term efforts Public are greatly benefited and are satisficed from government department’s services and delivery. It has improved Citizen Government relationship. With the inclusion of digitalization in the government departments the standard of Citizen Centric Public services has been improved. The Public sectors departments are highly digitalized with IT experts. The Norwegian market has become competitive market of digital skilled experts, businessman and citizens. Norwegian government along with their Scandinavians states a leading examples for the world in digitalization. Currently Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is highly much impressed from the Scandinavians Digitalization and he always quoted and following Norwegian model of digitalization to bring reforms, transparency, effectiveness and accountability in the government departments. Different international bodies and organization such as; The European Union E-Government Benchmark, The UN E-Government Index has acknowledged Norwegian government Digital Transformation. In order to maintain world ranking in digitalization Norwegian government continuously working to development and to advance all over all digital transformation of the public sector. In The Norway Business and Public life is changing day by day due to inclusion of Internet, Mobiles, smartphones, Artificial intelligence, social media and clouds computing. These impact on the Citizen and Government relationships as well creating opportunities for the Public. It has bring certain rapid adaptation of the business models almost every business model private or public sector business.

E-Handlesflatformen is a Norwegian E-Trading forum for the public sector. Government department using it as a procurement agency to purchase products and services. The Norwegian parliament has passed a bill in 2014 government purchasing should be digital. The communication between government department and suppliers should be digital. It has given opportunities to suppliers to attract new customers by sharing information about their services and products on E-Trading forum. The Customers order for product or services online through E-Trading then suppliers provides their demands. Thousands of suppliers received orders for their products and services through this system. E-Trading is an easy and secure way of business and trading. Annually 51 Billion American dollars has been spends on E-Trading in Norway. Due to E-Trading cost has been reduced 6 to 14 percent and saved a tax payer between 3 to 7 billion dollars per year.

How digitalization is Helpful for Public?

Digitalization is basically Public welfare services projects. Therefore, Government are interested to apply digitalization in order to transform their societies and make welfare states. The Process of digitalization has three main and important benefits; these benefits are as, efficiency, effectiveness and good governance. These are three areas focused for digitalization of public services. Digitalization in Scandinavian states are closely related to increase economic productivity. It has been observed that digital transformation of the public services has brought several trends and developments.

Health facilitates are the basic rights of any citizen and Scandinavia states are involved to provide healthcare facilities as it is a vital interest of the Public. Due to demographic and climatic changes and new chronic disease threaten states to increase their health spending in order to provide better health services. These factors pushed Governments to bring efficiency and effectiveness in their health system by digital transformation to play vital role in future health policies. Health systems in many starts are complex and have different values. Therefore, health sector required integrated policy and this can be easily achieved through digitalization process. Denmark health care portal is an exemplary digital system which provides assistant to health care system, patients and their relatives.

Sweden Government has the leading position in the digitalization of the public sectors. There are two factors due to which Sweden government succeeds and leading in the world for digitalization of their public services. First is autonomous state level strategy to design and implement according to the vision of Federal government to delivers services to their citizens. Sweden central government is responsible for digitalization of public sectors policies. Ministry of Enterprise and innovation is responsible to look after into strategies and operations of digitalization process. Sweden national financial management authority has been established to promote digitalization process in all government departments and agencies. Second is the platform communicating citizens and government departments for collaboration and coordinations. In order to minter and keep check and balance over the digitalization process and activities, a programme with the title of e-programme has been set up with 20 states agencies and the association of the local authorities. It plays it role as a knowledge sharing and cooperation among government agencies and departments in the past years Sweden government work to strength the inter-departmental level communications and collaboration for effective, transparent and result oriented. Sweden Public sectors digitalization developed as a result of certain government level changes over a period of few years. The Sweden Public sector digitalization can be classified into four phases; First Phase from 1998 to 2004 can regarded as capacity building phase, second phase started from 2005 to 2010 increase of steering and financial capacities phase, third phase from 2011 to 2015 generally termed as setting of strategies phase and the fourth phase from 2016 and still continue, it is known as expansion National ICentralization of coordination and increased cross level cooperation phase.

Scandinavian states have strong tradition of the digitalization and communication with their publics. Sweden government offered unique and potential digital systems for public services. It is one of the effective system of the world, it not only communicate but in future it also used the data for decision making and designing policies for the publics. Every citizen has their own person file on official central data base, when the citizen used and share information it sends to central data base and saved in the citizen personal file for future considerations. These information stored on the Central data base can be shared with other government agencies for example information shared with unemployment agency if it required data any time for any official task or with Health agency for social security, sickness records, doctors prescriptions etc. Consequently, Sweden digitalization system is very coordinated and effective, all information transformed from one department to another department automatically with the interference of any human being.

The Swedish health care system motivate to involve patients and their relatives to deliver better health facilities. It provides attention to an individual patients care and need. Swedish health services digitalized system “My Health Care” provides E-services, open data, Patient Journey E- Services, technical infrastructure and online Doctors appointment. It enables new business models. It has bring high expectations in life security, quality of life, safety of life, and better communication with the patients to delivers better health services. Digitalization in health sector has fill the gap of health services in rural and urban areas as typically rural areas are not treated equally.


The Swedish government has developed public friendly application “My Pages App” which provides services of interaction of public with administration and tracking payment through mobiles services. It made easy frequents contact between patients and health care administrations. It has bring transparency in health sectors and provides better satisfactions to public. This application has control internal administration expenses of the health care department. As a result Health care departments are adopting Digitalization to bring transparency and accuracy.


Scandinavian states are leading and implementation digitalization in public sectors for their citizen which has resultantly increased efficiency, affectivity, transfrarancy and delivery of the public services. The Digital system improve both quality and efficiency in the Scandinavian states. There are great numbers of digital levers used by Scandinavian states for efficiency and quality of public services. Digitalization is a flexible system, it removed harm and ills from the existing system. It can be changed with the changing demand and market value.  It has improved the customer’s satisfaction level. As a result customers trust build on organizations. Digitalization system has less risks as compared to the traditional system.

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