How to Write a content that bring Traffic to your website

Web content is a vital part of the website because it drives the buyer buying decision. Web content is slightly different from the essay and academic writing because it does not entirely depend on good grammar and sentence structure. It must include the information, adjectives, and words which engage the customer and persuade them to buy the product. For instance, in essay writing, the first part is the introduction of the project. On the contrary, web content sometimes only needed the description of your service at the start. There are certain tips and tricks for the persuasive content marketing which are as follows.

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Tricks of writing Persuasive Web Content

Web content must convey the message in an engaging manner. Moreover, it first describes the real need of the service which will be provided by your company. Customer buys those things which they want and be defining the problem you ignite the want and demand of the customer. For instance, if you are providing the content writing service then, first you told the customer that, professional content writing is a time-consuming process and, we are one who writes quality content for you in affordable rates. Below are the few techniques of writing a persuasive and user-friendly content.

Your content must be problem Solving

Write a content that should serves as a solution to the reader who is searching for the problem specific to the niche.

Examples of different niches content strategy

For example if you are a tax consultant then your website content must have articles like below:

  • How to become a filer in Pakistan as an individual salaried or business person.
  • How to get NTN (national tax number) for my company or business or individual.
  • How to file annual returns with FBR (FBR is Tax authority in Paksitan. it can be any tax authority in your country but her ei am specific to Paksitan).
  • How to get the audit of my firm or my company.

The list goes on.You can write such articles on your website blog section. These articles will not only provide you information but the people will most probably ask for your services.This way your article will attract the reader and most probably will call you to hire your services.

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Your content must be informative and educated without any exaggeration

Your content should written in a way to help readers in their decision either to buy some product or service or at least guide them to select right service. Your content should serve the purpose of guiding in right direction. This will not only helpful to get quickly indexed on search engines but will also impress your readers to be helpful and the chances are their that they will prefer your services.

The web readers have no enough time to stay on the page and read the complex content because he has many other options which are just few clicks away. In order to engage the customer, the content should be simple, valuable and describe your service first. If you are scrolling the newspaper then observes that the main agenda is always present at the top before further details and background. All that you do is to gain customer attention, and sometimes the customer is not much interested in the background information of your service. However, the need for recognition is a vital part of the content.

Better to be self-explanatory

Excellent web content should be self-explanatory. Furthermore, the title and first paragraph of the content reflects the whole story. The reader does not have enough time to read the lengthy content, and he may switch towards the other page. However, if he finds something interesting and valuable at the start then, the customer will stay on the page

Content writing

Focus on Quality rather than keyword stuffing

Always write for the reader instead of focusing on a search engine. Google algorithms are now very smart and crawl the quality content. The reader always in search of something valuable which resolve their problem and the keyword stuffing and quantity focus content can’t help the customer. Keyword stuffing is a traditional SEO technique and no more useful nowadays due to change the trends and awareness of consumer. 

Use Effective and Simple words

Don’t go for the complex vocabulary and focus on the simple and engaging words which attract the customer. It is a misconception that difficult English can bring the attention of the reader. According to the research, only 16 percent of people are interested in the word to word reading of the content. Most of the reader just scan the web content, and difficult words are not the right technique to engage them. Moreover, read the mental state of the customer before producing a content. For instance, if the customer wants to avail the service of digital marketing and SEO, He is a search of a few familiar words such that, high traffic volume, affordable rates, number of leads, etc. Always used the words in accordance with the interest and liking of the customer.

Always put the most important information on top

Always put the most information on the top because the customer wants to read the important information first. Important information includes highlighting the customer need and providing the solution of the specific need and problem. If you observe the good content, then you always find the important information first instead of the history and background.

Don’t miss out ‘call to action.’

The reason for the content is to engage the customers and compel them to use a particular service. ‘Call to action’ is the part of the content which communicates the message to the customer that, we are the solution of your problem and this is the most vital part of the content. Customer scroll down the content to find out the solution to the problem and if it was not there, then the content is not worthwhile.

Use Images to attract customer

It is very difficult to engage the attention of the reader through the text. In this context, the use of relevant images is the best way to gain the attention of the user and make your content more interesting. Images should be relevant and according self-explanatory as well. You should your target audience and always look for optimized content. Your content should have the power to convert potential customers to regular customers. The visual impression makes the content more attractive and visible to the customer.

End with an Engaging Conclusion with call to action

If you blog is informative,engaging and interesting then your reader will read your blog to the end with a proper conclusion. In conclusion, you should summarize the main points and no need to introduce any new thought. IT should work as a\”take away\” for the reader with a focus on call to action. You can also add a thought provoking question like for the above content i should write below lines:

Call to Action Examples

Which one of these tips are you going to implement first? Let me know in the comments!

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