The concept of Digital Marketing in Pakistan

Digital marketing is the big concept where SEO, SEM and social media are just few types.Following are some types of digital marketing that are vital for your overall success of business reach.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of publicizing the product or service by sharing valuable, engaging, attractive and relevant content to the reader. It is the best way to create a long term relationship with the customer and convert the prospects into the loyal customers. Valuable content on websites, blogs, and other mediums can build up your business because the customer of the present era needs awareness before availing the service. An excellent content should cover, three major things. First of all, it should be well prepared and provide something valuable to the reader. Secondly, it should communicate the message to the audience. Although, the content is for marketing purpose, but it must have the ability to grab the attention of the reader through some engaging message. At last, the content developer should be passionate and focus on the quality. The keyword stuffing is no more the part of the good content.

Persuasive Content Marketing

Content marketing is a valuable way to publicize the message amongst the customers, but attractive and engaging marketing is not an as easy task. It needs the persuasive words and sentences which has the power to convert the prospects into the customers. It is a fact, most of the content writers think that good vocabulary and excellent grammar is good enough for content writing, but it is not true, an excellent content must have the ability to grab the attention of the customer through compelling words and images.

Prevailing trend of Content Marketing in Pakistan

The drastic change is observed in the last few years in the context of marketing strategies. Brands shifts towards this advertising technique due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, it conveys the message to the wide variety of audience in minimum time. Secondly, it is a less costly medium as compared to other traditional mediums of marketing. When the trend of online advertising emerges in Pakistan, the marketers go for the digital marketing techniques to persuade customers. The main purpose of the content is to give awareness to the customer about the problem and persuade the customers to avail the service through compelling content. In Pakistan, companies observe a 16 percent better response from the client, through the content marketing. Although, it is not a very much popular technique in local businesses due to the mindset of People, consider as, one of the most effective media of marketing at national and international level.

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Search Engine Optimization

Digital marketing is the advertisement of product or service using the internet, and it mainly focuses on social media, googles ad words and display advertising. Search engine optimization is the digital marketing technique which enhances the visibility of the website on the search engine.  Moreover, SEO includes all the technical and creative elements which increase the ranking of the website such that, the off-page content and on-page content. It involves the keyword search, link building and link sharing as well. The organic SEO is of the most popular SEO technique which includes an off-page content writing and link sharing which is usually free of cost. The particular technique is effective on long term basis because it is a slow process but bring a customer for the organization.

The trend of SEO in Pakistan

Search engine optimization marketing techniques adopted by the businesses of Pakistan in the last few years because of its effectiveness and cost savvy nature. It just needs creativity and consistency to publicize the website and raked it on top. Most of the businesses in Pakistan relying on the SEO techniques to publicize the services.  

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the use of social media techniques to promote the product and service of the business. Social media is the best source of getting the attention of the audience. Nowadays, the use of social media such that Facebook and Twitter are part of daily life and it is the best opportunity for the businesses to grab customer.

The rise of Social Media Marketing in Pakistan

The world of advertising is entering in the new era, and the digitization takes the place of traditional methods of advertising. Digitization is the concept of publicizing the product and services on Facebook, twitter stumbles and plurk.  In Pakistan, the trend of technology is increasing day by day, and people shifted towards E-commerce. With the emergence of E-business, social media such as Facebook become the popular medium of advertising and businesses use display ads to promote the product and service on Facebook. However, the fake audience is still a big issue on social media and more specifically on Facebook. In the past few years, the social media technique gain more popularity amongst the youngsters. Moreover, businesses shift from television and broad coast advertising social media advertising. The statistics show that there were 35 million active social media users present in the country and most of them are Facebook users. It is an opportunity for the brands to grab the attention of the users.

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Influencer Marketing

         Influencer marketing is the concept of marketing of product and services through the most popular individuals of the industry. Businesses ask the influencers to avail the service and use their products. The influencers use the product and share their views on social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is kind of celebrity endorsement, but it sometimes involves the views of the normal public as well.  

The trend of influencer market in Pakistan

The businesses of the local and national level use this technique, and it is somewhat effective as well. The brands of Pakistan select celebrities as a brand ambassador and use these marketing tactics. Everyone in this world has a role model, and the individual follows his lifestyle. The role model may be an actor, sportsmen or any influential political personality as well. Brands take advantage of famous celebrities and increase their sales through their positive comments and views about specific service. The trend of influencer marketing prevails in Pakistan and the industry it is considered as the most effective medium to covert the prospects into the customer through their role models. It involves a cost, but it is considered as the effective medium of marketing at global spectrum as well.


            Website analytics involves the charts and graphs which depicts the conversion rate of the customer. Analysis of the activities is the major part of the businesses because it defines the business success and deficiencies. The high conversion rate of customer depicts that, marketing activities work well and according to the plan. However, low conversion highlighted the area of improvements.

When it comes to the analysis Google analytics is the golden indicator, which shows the performance of the digital marketing campaigns. Firstly, the tool collects the data, process the data and convert it into the information, developing the key performance indicators and design an online marketing strategy to improve the deficiencies.

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