How to make money as a Professional Writer from Pakistan?

If you are a content writer and can produce the engaging content that influence people to interact with your intended information then it means you have the potential to work as an independent writer. If you can write content for your clients who hire you as a freelancer through any platform then it means you can be guided as a sole freelancer under your own platform.

if your written content can generate leads fro y lo ur employer then why not you van bring direct cusotmers to your own platform?

The answer is very simple that you can use your writing skills to earn money through your own website with some efforts in using basic SEO techniques.

Here is a complete video to sum up all about Earning money as a freelance writer.

Earn Money as a Freelance writer from Pakistan India

Earning online money from Pakistan is feasible if you truly explore your skills in a right direction and at the right time with consistent work flow. Most of the people will recommend you to join freelancing platform like upwork, freelancer or fiverr but I have different suggestions for you if you are looking for a long term and sustainable business income. I personally earned my first income from odesk (New name upwork) and fiverr,PPH and elance. We were never guided by anyone and just relied on the information from internet which is an information overload where you can\’t guide one direction.If you are from USA,UK,Canada or any developed country then fiverr many be the better choice but for Pakistani,India, Bengali,Sri lanka fiverr or upwork like platforms are nightmare if you are a new in free lance field.Instead you should work on the way of earning that can add professional knowledge and experience besides earning with sustainable source of income.

I will recommend you a long term solution that can be monetized through exploring your skills and interest. Both factors are important.Skills can be learn\’t through training and interest could be created through motivation. If you have skills and have no interest then you can\’t make successful income. Although fiverr, upwork and Freelancer are good for newbies but there strict terms and conditions are not good for Pakistani ,Indian and Bangladeshi professionals due to their discriminate behavior and policies. They are good for USA, UK  and other developed countries because local laws are so strong that they can\’t take illegal benefit\’s their. On the other hand in our case they are not legally bound to any local laws and due to our week economy they do whatever suite them to make huge profits. This is not my opinion but an experience an done of the reason that i am no more on those platforms but i have learn\’t a lot and built my own success story with independent online business. You can check fiverr reviews and can see how they deal with buyer and sellers.

From seller perspective as a freelancer, their support can can block your account anytime without any reason and can freeze your hard earned money any time that will lead to lose your feedback and clients. Your buyer has always upper hand in these platforms because they get extra security and monopoly over you as a freelancer. They can cancel the order with minor excuses or late delivery even you delivered up to the mark. If you do not follow up with your buyer, he/she will blackmail you for negative reviews or complete cancellation. if you contact to the customer support they will most probably will tell you to satisfy the buyer.Customer support will freeze your balance as well till you resolve the dispute with your buyer according to his demands. He may even ask for extra delivery and you will have to follow his orders or will face problems in withdrawal of your earnings.

Use freelance sites to understand the system and improve your skills but beside that run your own website and focus on it

Tariq Khan

So what\’s the Solution????

The best way is to make your own website and offer writing services through your own website. This will cost you around 20,000 Rs for a basic website with premium theme.You can check my writing services website as a success story. All this was very simple and my cost was around 30,000 Rs with premium theme and some premium plugins.This website is now generating around $3000 per month after one and a half year of it\’s startup. Most of the revenue (around 80%)come through Pakistani students because i targeted specifically to Pakistani students. I can target USA,Canada as well but there is huge competition and it will take one or two more years before i start getting clients from those countries. Pakistan,India and other third world countries are easy to target due to low competition and easy to deal with them in your own native language.

How to market your Writing Skills and Earn Money?

You just have to follow these three simple steps:

First Step: Make your Own Website with brand domain name and hosting

Make your own website and make it user friendly and eye catching.It must have form where user can input their needs, must have phone number to call you for your services.

You can buy local hosting and branded domain name with easy to spell and speak. Then buy a premium WordPress template that can easy to modified to your needs with some basic skills.if you need help in buying theme and WordPress installation then we can help you free of cost or you can hire us to make a starter website that will cost you around 9000 Rs to 25000 Rs depending on the business idea you have.

Second Step: Strategies your website based on the Keywords related to your business

Search for keywords that your customers might type online to get your services. Each business has their own customer mind set and you must know what your customers might type on Google search bar to get the services.

How to Select keywords for your Real estate business?

When we say \”related to your business\” then it means something and google will rank your website if you write content that people are searching for. This keyword strategy is called buyer persona keywords that means the content which help users to buy your product or service.You have to spend sometime to find the keywords and then write informed and solution based content.

As an example if you are reading this article then check what keywords you type on google and you came to read this content. IS the content informative? providing solution\” he;ping you in your goals? if yes then the same strategy you have to sue for your website content strategy.

Third Step: Write and spread your content

Write content and do its digital marketing starting from SEO for your services targeting local country.If you are from Pakistan then write content for Pakistani users and do SEO of this.

How to Write a content that bring visitors and sales

If you are a good writer then you can easily market your writing skills by writing an epic content for your own services.Writing a content for real human will boost your website on google and other search engines.Google algorithms are now updated to crawl and index your content if they provide real value to the users. For example if a person who is type Search query like \”content writer needed for my new shop\”. Your website if better written and ranked may come on first page of Google with contact number and address.The person will contact you via phone if he is from local area or will contact via your website and will fill the form to know more about your writing services.Remember this is called SEO (search engine optimization? where you try to rank your website or blog for Search queries people might use to search for your services.

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