How To Generate Thousand of Leads for your Business

Every business Work hard to get their businesses grown online and offline.Online lead generation is a competitive job because you have to adopt unusual ways to get people call your business and ask for solutions which in turn gives you revenue.If you are a freelancer or any service provider without physical presence then you have to first focus on your local clients and target them through one of the following Ways.

  • Create Stunning and responsive Website to look like an Authentic person:

Creating a website authenticate your online presence among the visitors. and then writing informative content can grow your audience locally and anywhere you want.Create a website with contact number and whatsapp number on top can help your visitors call you for help.Add email and a chat box so people can reach you through your website directly and ask questions.This will make your website responsive and engaging.

Let us know if you want to develop a website that is responsive,well designed and user friendly with all features your audience expects.We can guide you free as well to select domain and hosting for your startup.

  • Write Content and provide Free solution in General and ask for fee to get specific solutions

Remember people will call  you to save their time even if you are providing solutions through your content.For example you are providing them \”How to lower fats\”. there are thousand of websites providing information on this but why they will call you?  yes,there is the reason they will call you.For example lowering fat may not be possible for some one with some disease or due to any other reason.You can then provide specific solution to that person according to his body specific and habits for which you can write advisory content and ask him to pay you because this will be specific to him only.

As a Digital marketing expert and Owner of TariqWebs, you can get my services to generate local leads for your Business.I can help your company generate more leads with simple strategies.

  • Join Local Forums and Facebook groups

Join local forums specific to your interest and niche.You can add link as a signature to get backlink and also answer people questions  that will help build you audience and increase signups.For Pakistani businesses or individuals who want to be a freelance must join Facebook groups as per their interest and contribute their through information you have.People will contact you through facebook for specific problems.

  • Post Ads on OLX and local newspapers

In Pakistan perspective,i will recommend you to post ads on OLX free related to your services and add text images with your website and contact number.For example if you are a designer then you can add image with contact number.If you can afford then you can post ads on local newspaper in their specific city editions.For example if you are from Karachi then you can post ads just for 300Rs on Jang Karachi edition.You can check which newspaper has most circulation in your area and publish ads on Friday and Sunday papers.

The above methods are tested and helpful for Pakistani businesses.If your product and services are online and you wan to promote it globally or USA,CANADA,UK and Australia then you can contact us to to guide you free in the right direction.


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