How digital marketing can boost your Business in Pakistan

Digital Marketing is the new phenomena in Pakistan and now it is becoming a question of survival for big giants. E-commerce businesses are growing rapidly and now challenging the traditional ways of marketing.Today electronic commerce is of vital importance for any type of business model to grow and in some cases not go bankrupt.

E-commerce has created a disruption in the type of traditional commerce so strong that many small, medium and large companies have suffered the consequences of not being able to adapt to the new times of the era of \”Electronic Commerce\”, so digital marketing for the sales of any business is vital. And it is difficult to compete with a type of business that is basically in the house of each potential buyer, and whose prices can be better because they have less payments of services (Personal, Rent, Taxes) so your product can be more economical. Retailers can take advantage of this by increasing the interaction between sales people and customers, and it is easier to return products, change them or request a refund. Consumers will continue to be involved in technology issues, so it is time for companies to take advantage and understand the fact, to stay competitive, be relevant and profitable, but more importantly, keep pace with the market.

You must start to carry out a digital marketing campaign to raise awareness in this world and you must have several channels to publicize the website, since the main enemy is not competition, it is darkness, it is the fact that hardly knows or do not know about the business. You must consider starting projecting or improving the campaign, use this effective tool as it is the sales funnel calculator.


The design of a landing page is vital, it is the address in the internet world and the highest interest should be to visit it, why? The more visits the website has, the greater the possibilities of new clients, this is where the client will show their interest in the product, providing an email address or a telephone number.

Social networks are a beginning with which you can be introducing the digital marketing campaign; social networks are a good channel to start marketing for the business. The creation of content of images, videos and reviews about a product or service can be the first call of attention for a customer; it is a first contact in a digital way where you may be interested in going to know that product or service.

Another option is to pay for ads on social networks, which help reach potential customers. Campaigns where you are among the first results of the largest web search engine in the world, it is important to appear among the first search results and have greater visibility.

The most important thing after doing any digital marketing campaign is the measurement of results, to know where to invest more money, what type of campaign is working or what should be improved, how much money is being invested and how much is being earned.

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