How to Increase your Website Speed to get maximum Performance?

Website speed is the one of the top ranking factor in Search engines as per google new announcement. Website speed may be differ for mobile,tablet and desktop devices and you have to equally optimize your website for the best performance and user experience.

Web-site speed is important to get good search rankings (PageSpeed Score) and increase conversions and improve user experience for your site. If your site is slow to load or not loading fast on mobile devices don\’t expect any top rankings! Google PageSpeed algorithm penalizes slow loading sites.

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Here are step by step activities that are needed to increase your website speed.

  1. Optimize the site code and enable GZIP compression of code
  2.  Lighten up the site by removing unneeded Java script and CSS
  3.  Use small images or you can Optimize images using image optimization plugins to increase load speed of website.
  4.  Compress and minify CSS and java script files.
  5.  You can combine CSS and JS files to get maximum performance.
  6.  Minify HTML code of your website.
  7.  You can setup advanced Caching scripts to load website super fast (Page Caching, Browser Caching, Database Caching).IF you are using wordpress then you can install Super cache plugin to clean your website.
  8.  Remove unneeded Word press plugins,caches and cookies and features like emoji, etc.

The above job can be performed by an experienced website optimization professional. You can hire our services to get it done professionally.we will provide you a proof with GTMetrix, the most trusted page speed checker.

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