2019 Social Media Trends that can boost your Business in Pakistan

social media trends pakistan 2018

There are few industries that would compare to the social media industry in terms of dynamism. Some trends are somewhat predictable and others catch us completely by surprise. Here are the top 3 social media trends for 2019:

  1. Mobile traffic

We are witnessing an unprecedented migration from the desktop to the mobile phone. When Facebook started making efforts to transition to mobile in 2012, it looked like a white elephant but they are now reaping the benefits. If the prediction of eMarketer is anything to go by, at least 59% of all internet traffic in the US will be from mobile phones.

If you  are  developing a website  then test  its user  experience  from different android and iPhone mobile sets. If it takes  more than  3 seconds  to  open  a website  then  you  must  work  on  it to speedup  the website  opening.

  1. Social networking

As absurd as it might sound, we often discuss social media without paying attention to social messaging. But we need to rethink this especially since millennials, who are heavy consumers of social media, use it mainly for messaging. Today, messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Viber now have more subscribers than the big social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

  1. Fake News

Another interesting trend is the increasing popularity of fake news. Just the other day, it a story was doing rounds on social media that popular gospel musician Don Moen was dead. This fake story spread like wildfire across the globe that Don Moen had no choice but to do a live video to dispel it. Fake news is a really dangerous social media trend especially since more people are turning to the internet as their source of news as opposed to watching TV or reading Newspapers.

So there you have it   – 3 trends that will shape the social media landscape in 2018 and beyond.If you want to excel in your business then adapt to the ethical ways of social media trends to boost your business in Pakistan.

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